Free ASP.NET Text Menu
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Up to 3 times faster than the previous version - now the fastest menu in the world

Text Menu is simplest menu in the world.
* Menu works immediately, even before the page is fully loaded.
* No initialization time delay as with other menus.
* No menu builders. Populated declaratively or with a few lines of code.
* Can work from database.
* Can be added to VS toolbar. Can be populated from VS designer.
* Works inside User Control, Master Page.
* Works with Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX.
* 100% compatible with search engine web crawlers.
* All links in obout Text Menu are accessible to search engine spiders.
* Menu items contain simple text.
* Looks and works the same in IE, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Opera.

Simplest menu in the world

<tm:TextMenu runat="server" id="tm1"></tm:TextMenu>


"The grid itself is excellent. I'm amazed by what you have accomplished with it. It has become the main control for our pages due to our customers responses to layouts with it."

Mark Butler
Achieve Technology

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