Free ASP.NET Text Menu
FREE for private use
FREE for commercial use
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Up to 3 times faster than the previous version - now the fastest menu in the world

Text Menu is simplest menu in the world.
* Menu works immediately, even before the page is fully loaded.
* No initialization time delay as with other menus.
* No menu builders. Populated declaratively or with a few lines of code.
* Can work from database.
* Can be added to VS toolbar. Can be populated from VS designer.
* Works inside User Control, Master Page.
* Works with Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX.
* 100% compatible with search engine web crawlers.
* All links in obout Text Menu are accessible to search engine spiders.
* Menu items contain simple text.
* Looks and works the same in IE, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, Opera.

Simplest menu in the world

<tm:TextMenu runat="server" id="tm1"></tm:TextMenu>


"Obout is one impressive company. I’ve been developing hardware and software for about 35 years and I have not seen a company that has done such an incredible job with their website in support of their software, to say nothing about the quality of the various objects you have created at a very reasonable price!!"

Greg Schneider
Founding Director - HEAL Project

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