Automatically update database
after adding, editing, removing nodes in treeview
and after drag-and-drop

Download oboutSuite.exe containing Tree_DB component and ready working examples.

Support for MS SQL Server, MS SQL Express, MS Access, MySql and other databases.

Obout Tree_DB Control
Hello, I am Root node! (a0)
ASP TreeView (a1)
Fast (a2)
Easy (a3)
Links & Notes since 1998 (a4)
First child (a4_0)
Second child (a4_1)
Third child (a4_2) (a5)



Add, edit, remove selected nodes or drag and drop any nodes.
The changes will be stored into the database without reloading the page.

See step by step configuration tutorial for more information about this example.

Download Download full example (in C#, VB.NET).

How to install for ASP.NET

1. Copy the DLL file from oboutSuite\Bin directory to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\bin\
or to the bin directory of your application.
Do NOT add component to the VS toolbar.

Stored Procedures

Instead of obout Tree_DB control you can use stored procedures to update database.
We recommend to use stored procedures for large tree structures.
You can send us a support request if you need our assistance to create custom stored procedures.

See server-side events of the TreeView control.