ASP.NET TreeView - Server-Side

<%@ Import Namespace="obout_ASPTreeView_2_NET" %>

Properties - Select node on server side

Name Description
propertySelectedId ID of a node to mark selected on load. Optional
oTree.SelectedId = "books"
propertySelectedEnable Set to False to desable script for selecting node. Optional
For example if you have complex HTML code in nodes and don't want to highlight it.
oTree.SelectedEnable = True
propertySelectDisableId List node IDs with commas. These nodes will not be selectable.Optional
oTree.SelectDisableId = "id55,id56,id82"
Name Description
propertyHeight String with height value. Optional
oTree.Height = "800px"
oTree.Height = "100%"
propertyWidth String with width value. Optional
oTree.Width = "200px"
propertyWidth_ScrollWider String with width if you need to add horizontal scrollbar. Optional
Set this property wider than value in property Width.
oTree.Width_ScrollWider = "500px"
propertyid Set id of <DIV> element with the whole treeview inside. Default "tree1". Optional = "tree1"
propertyShowIcons When True, image icons will be shown. Optional
oTree.ShowIcons = True
Name Description
propertyFolderIcons Path to directory with image icons. Optional
oTree.FolderIcons = "tree2/icons"
propertyFolderStyle Path to directory with TreeView style (plus-minus images). Optional
oTree.FolderStyle = "tree2/style/Classic"
propertyFolderScript Path to directory with javascript files. Optional
oTree.FolderScript = "tree2/script"
propertyMultiSelectEnable Boolean. Set to true when you need to select multiple nodes with CTRL+CLICK. Optional
oTree.MultiSelectEnable = true

Also see variable ob_sn2 on client side.
propertyExpandSingleEnable Boolean. Set to true when you want only single node to be expanded and other sibling nodes to collapse automatically. Optional
oTree.ExpandSingleEnable = true
propertyKeepLastExpanded Used for keeping the state of the treeview.The last expanded nodes will
be expanded automatically when the page is visited again. Optional
oTree.KeepLastExpanded = 5
propertyKeepLastCollapsed Used for keeping the state of the treeview.The last collapsed nodes will
be collapsed automatically when the page is visited again. Optional
oTree.KeepLastCollapsed = 4
propertySubTree Set to True only if tree is dynamically loaded into main tree. Optional
oTree.SubTree = True
propertyEventList String with event names. These events will be enabled. Optional
oTree.EventList = "OnNodeSelect,OnNodeDrop"
See this page for more information on events.
propertyXHTML_Compliant If set to true, link to CSS file will not be generated. The link to the CSS file must be
manually copied to the <head> section of your page. Optional
oTree.XHTML_Compliant = true
propertyShowRootIcon Show/hide the icon of the Root node. Optional
oTree.ShowRootIcon = true
See example.
propertyShowRootPlusMinus Show/hide the +/- button of the Root node. Optional
oTree.ShowRootPlusMinus = true
See example.
propertySelectOnCollapse If true, when the parent of the selected node is collapsed, the parent will be automatically selected. Otherwise, the selected node will keep its selected state when its parent is collapsed. Optional
Default: true

See example.
propertyShowJSWarning Enable/disable the warning message that is displayed when the JavaScript files of the TreeView are not loaded correctly. Optional
oTree.ShowJSWarning = true

Properties - Drag and Drop

Name Description
propertyDragAndDropEnable Boolean. Set True if you need Drag-and-Drop. Optional
oTree.DragAndDropEnable = True
propertyDragDisableId List node IDs with commas. These nodes will not drag.Optional
oTree.DragDisableId = "id55,id56,id82"
propertyDropDisableId List node IDs with commas. Tree will not drop to these nodes.Optional
oTree.DropDisableId = "id21,id22,id23"

Properties - Editing

Name Description
propertyEditNodeEnable Boolean. Set it to true to enable the editing feature for the nodes. Optional
oTree.EditNodeEnable = true
propertyEditDisableId Disable the editing for specific nodes. Optional
oTree.EditDisableId = "id81,id82,id83"

Properties - Debugging

Name Description
propertyShowLost Boolean. Set to True and children without parents will be added to the root by default. Optional
oTree.ShowLost = True
propertyShowLostRed Boolean. Set to True to see children nodes added before their parents in red color.Optional
oTree.ShowLostRed = True Home
TreeView Home
TreeView Home
Site Map
Dynamic Loading
No Icons
Black No Icons
Background image
Premiere New
TMenu (small icons)
Vista New
Right To Left
Drag and drop - 18
Dragging with children
Drop in textboxes
External D'n'D
Move nodes 1
Renumber nodes
Auto Scrolling
Copy / Move nodes
D'n'd and Dynamic Loading
Drop in listboxes
Drop in listboxes 2
Restrict Levels
D'n'D with various options
Disable dropping in two trees
Not-allowed Icon New
Sort after D'n'D New
Dynamic loading - 6
Web style
MSDN style
Deep tree
Reload subtrees
Loading trees partially
Virtual Scrolling New
Add/remove nodes - 4
Add/remove on client-side
Alphabetical order
Add to dynamic subtrees
Remove all children
Edit nodes - 4
Edit nodes
Nodes with Checkboxes
Sort after Edit New
Select nodes - 3
Find selected node
Select multiple nodes
Highlight parent
Layout - 2
Width, height and scrollbars
Root node
TreeView state - 3
Keep expanded
Keep collapsed
File system - 3
Show file system
File system loading
File system manager
Additional data for each node - 3
On client side
Image viewer
Expand/collapse nodes - 2
By level
Single folder
Multiple trees - 4
Two Trees
Two Trees custom
Two Trees enhancement
Move Nodes BTWN Trees New
Different Styles New
Validation - 2
D-n-d on server
Edit on server
Integration - 14
With a context menu
Attach Easy Menu
Attach menu on-demand
Attach to dynamic nodes
Attach menu to icons
Change icons
With Flyout
With Splitter
With checkboxes
Dynamic checkboxes
With a Combobox
With modal dialog
Outlook Slide Menu
With Tab Strip
Build from SiteMap
Customization - 7
Icons for treeview
Aligned columns
CSS Tutorial
Hover node effect
Multi-Level Slide Menu
Select on Collapse
From Dennis
From/To XML file
Keyboard navigation
Search nodes
Client-side events
Knowledge Base - 1
Knowledge Base
Method Add
Client-Side Events
XML Tutorial
Client-Side Tutorial
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4
Event handlers
Using the correct path
Improving performance
In a user control
AutoPostBack with various options
Open in Search pane
Move nodes by clicking a button
Postback on node select
Switch icons