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Add / Remove Nodes

Edit Nodes

Select Nodes

TreeView State

File System

Additional Data

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Other Features

Drag and Drop

    Customize drag-and-drop behavior

    Drag-and-drop and DOCTYPE

    Update tree on server after drag-and-drop

    Change warning messages text when drag-and-drop

    Drop without expanding target branch

    Drag and drop - Disable on root node

    Drag and drop - Get the real ID of the dragged node when copying

    Drag and drop - Disable drop in the same tree

    Drag and Drop - Allow drop only on folders

    Setting dropped node as first child

    Change icon after drag and drop

    Enable drag and drop only for some levels of nodes

    Drag and drop - Aligned columns

    Drag and drop - Keep parent collapsed

    Drag and drop multiple nodes at once

Dynamic Loading

    Drag-and-drop with dynamically loaded nodes

    Debug the page which loads the dynamic subtree

    Change text 'Loading ...'

    Browsers support for dynamic loading

    Load dynamically tree EVERY time I open it

    Prevent caching

    Load sub tree dynamically, but sub tree doesn't collapse

    Cache images to speed up loading of the TreeView in IE

    Load dynamically from database

    Load nodes dynamically on demand

    Select node in dynamically loaded file

    Improve performance

    Invoke a function after dynamic loading subtree is loaded

    Dynamic loading and authentication timeout

    Load the ASPTreeView using an AJAX UpdatePanel

Add / Remove Nodes

    Add node to the top of the parent

    Insert/edit one TreeView on all pages

    Add HTML elements to the node

    Populate the TreeView from a database query

    Populate TreeView from database and there are no nodes

    Remove JavaScript warning message

    Add nodes on client-side after the page has finished loading

    Add children to root node on the client-side

Edit Nodes

    Rename Node using Javascript

    Update TreeView client side changes in the server side

    Disable the pop-up message: "Can't edit. The node is marked as not editable."

    Edit a node which contains HTML element

     Put a node in edit mode programatically

    Edit nodes that contain links

    Make only some nodes editable

Select Nodes

    Trigger TreeView server side event without using Obout AJAX Page

    Select a TreeView node on page load

    Get 'tree_selected_path' for each TreeView

    Node Unselection

    Select the newly created nodes on client-side

    Disable the message "Selected node does not exist"

    Select node by right click

    Select nodes when clicking on icons

    Select node in left frame by clicking on right frame

    Call function when node is selected

    Disable node selection

    Retrieve tree selected ID

    Remember selected node after reloading the page

    Find and select specific node

    Select node and do not expand it

    Select nodes when expanding them

    Set the selected node from JavaScript

    Get the full path to the root node

    Scroll the page to the selected node

    Reorder nodes within their existing parent

    Select a node without expanding

    Toggle multi-select on client

    Multiple trees with different selection models

TreeView State

    Keep the state of same tree on different pages

    Remember tree expanded-collapsed state

    Keep state across multiple pages

File System

    Show File System with files and folders on your hard drive

    File manager - prevent file opening

Additional Data

    Additional data for nodes created on the client-side

Expand / Collapse Nodes

    Expand node after page is loaded

    Expand/collapse by double click on icons

    Expand or collapse all nodes at once

    Make nodes expanded

    Expand and collapse branch by clicking on text

    Switch icon on expand / collapse

    Multi-level slide menu collapse in IE, when placed inside user control

    Expand single parent in multi-level slide menu

    Expand / collapse all nodes when using multiple trees

    Expand/collapse with node id

    Expand / collapse all nodes

    Disable expanding for nodes

    Expand all nodes even if they aren't loaded yet


    Make tree XHTML compliant

    Reset node text after edit


    Drag and drop to Obout ListBox

    Loading Nodes From WebService

    Register 'obout_ASPTreeView_2_NET.dll' in GAC

    TreeView with ASP.NET Ajax Updatepanel

    Maintaining check box checked state across post back

    Make checkbox checked

    Styles lost during ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel update

    Classic ASPTreeView in 64- bit Windows

    Create/Update treeview in Asp.Net AJAX async postback

    Update TreeView node in a Splitter from a Sub Page

    Get the number of selected checkboxes

    Attach context menu to newly added nodes

    Add TreeView to Visual Studio Toolbox

    Use the ASPTreeView on 64 bit machines

    Use the TreeView as navigation menu without reloading a page

    Click on the checkbox to load and check all the children dynamically


    Disable dynamic checkbox behavior

    Tri-State Checkbox support

    Setting custom path for TreeView icon,script and style folders

    Reuse TreeView code on all pages and highlight corresponding node

    Hide the TreeView icons

    Set non-English language for sub tree

    Use the TreeView in a Medium Trust Level environment

    Localize alert messages to other language

    Improve performance

    Disable ViewState for aspx page

    Edit JavaScript file

    Open PopUp window by clicking on node

    Open pages in different frame by clicking on tree

    Make mouseover (hover) effect for nodes

    Set cookies expiration period

    Customize treeview just on one page

    Add hover effect on nodes

    Add scrollbars

    Add ToolTip to node

    Prevent breaking the line if node text is too long

    Can not register dll with regsvr32 for Classic ASP

    Use different files for handling server-side events, without duplicating the tree2/script folder

    True / False in different languages

    Using single & double quote in XML to populate a Tree

    Customize mouse cursor

    Change the file for handling server events

    Sort the nodes after add, edit or drag and drop

    Add link to node icon

    Apply different formatting to nodes based on condition

    Add a hyperlink to the root node

    Change node's icon on client-side

    Remove javascript folder checking

    Include the javascript and css files manually in the head section

    Change font size

Other Features

    Sorting TreeView nodes in the server side

    Deploying TreeView in an ASP.NET application

    Search and return all the matched nodes in the Treeview

    Iterating TreeView Nodes

    Error "obout_ASPTreeview_2_NET namespace could not be found"

    Error in msxml3.dll "This name may not contain this character"

    Error "Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub"

    Error "Can't create object" or "The object has an invalid ProgID"

    Server.CreateObject failed while checking permissions. Access is denied...

    Difference between ASPTreeView and Tree_DB

    Sorting the nodes

    Node ordering

    Loop through all the nodes Home
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