ASP.NET Super Form
Company Survey
1) Employees have a voice in major decisions regarding changes in the work environment.
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2) I have received the in-house training I need to get my job done.
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3) The environment of the workplace is comfortable and safe.
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Company Survey
4) Please rate the following areas by level of importance with 1 being most important and 6 being least important.
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  • Employee recognition program
  • Ability to make decisions
  • Comfortable work environment
  • Employee training program
  • Company picnic
  • Christmas party
Company Survey
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6) Birth Date:
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Cool features and styles
Built-in validation
Super Form provides built-in support for validating form fields. Developers can add any number of validation rules to the fiels of the form.
Edit masks & filters
Super Form provides built-in support for attaching edit masks and filters to the fields. By employing this feature you can design user friendly forms that prevent users from typing wrong values in the fields.
Automatic generation of Interface Controls
Super Form generates obout Interface Controls instead of standard ASP.NET controls. This creates a professionally looking form and improves usability.
Specialized field types
Super Form offers a large set of field types that can be employed by developers: BoundField, CheckBoxField, CommandField, DateField, DropDownListField, MultiLineField. Besides the standards fields, the control supports templates which can be used to add more complex controls to a field (e.g. ComboBox, ListBox, HTML Editor, FileUpload, etc.)
Field sets
Fields of the Super Form can be grouped in field sets. The field sets are arranged in field set rows, which allow developers to organize sets in a tabular structure, thus offering the ability to create highly complex form layouts.
Vertical / Horizontal direction
Developers have the flexibility to arrange fields vertically or horizontally.
Rich server-side and client-side APIs.
Super Form comes with many styles which can easily be customized to suit any needs.
Cross browser support
Looks and works the same in all modern browsers: IE8 / IE7 / IE6, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome. Home 
Super Form Home   
Super Form Home 
Examples - 64
First Look - 2 
Quick Setup 
Appearance - 3 
Live Styles 
Live Styles for DateFields New 
Auto Format 
Fields - 10 
Auto Generate Fields 
DateField with Time New 
Password Field New 
Add / Edit / Delete - 7 
Auto Generate Command Buttons 
Customize Command Buttons 
Request User Confirmation 
Add-Only Form 
Edit-Only Form New 
Default Values for Add New 
Save using Stored Procedures New 
Layout - 7 
Vertical / Horizontal Direction 
Field Sets 
Field Sets with Column Span 
Field Sets with Tabs New 
Multi-Step Wizard New 
Multi-Step Survey New 
Master / Detail - 4 
Master Grid 
Master ComboBox 
Master ListBox 
Add / Edit in Separate Page 
Templates - 11 
ComboBox Field 
On-Demand ComboBox Field New 
Cascading ComboBox Field 
MultiLevel ComboBox Field 
Multi Select ComboBox Field 
ListBox Field 
Multi Select ListBox Field 
HTML Editor Field  
FileUpload Field 
CheckBoxList Field 
RadioButtonList Field 
Validation - 9 
Required Fields 
Type Validation 
ReqEx & Custom Validation 
Validation Summary 
Validator Callout 
Validate Super Form inside Grid New 
Validate Custom DropDownListField New 
Validate using CompareValidator New 
Validate Linked Fields New 
Masks / Filters - 2 
Edit Masks 
Linked Fields / Buttons - 4 
Enable / Disable Command Buttons 
Enable / Disable Linked Fields 
Show / Hide Linked Fields 
Conditional Linked Fields 
Client Side API - 1 
External Buttons New 
Server Side API - 1 
Focus New 
Localization - 1 
Localize Date Fields New 
Integration - 2 
Row Edit Template for Grid New 
Grid Editor inside Window New 
Knowledge Base - 1 
Knowledge Base 
Documentation - 6