ASP.NET Splitter - HideBeforeLoad

Specify which panels to hide before splitter is initialized.
Accepted values are none, both, left, right. Default value is both.

         HideBeforeLoad="both"     Open full page example

         HideBeforeLoad="left"     Open full page example

         HideBeforeLoad="right"     Open full page example

         HideBeforeLoad="none"     Open full page example

The feature also works in horizontal splitter.

Example code

    <obspl:Splitter HideBeforeLoad="left" id="spl1" runat="server" StyleFolder="styles/default">
                ... Left Panel content here ...

spl1.HideBeforeLoad = VerticalHideBeforeLoadType.both
spl1.HideBeforeLoad = VerticalHideBeforeLoadType.left

spl1.HideBeforeLoad = VerticalHideBeforeLoadType.right;