ASP.NET Slide Menu Tutorial - Styles

Slide Menu has StyleFolder property to easily change styles with only one line of code.

For example:
    osm.StyleFolder = "/slidemenu/styles/xp_blue";
    osm.StyleFolder = "/slidemenu/styles/pro_5";

Below are exactly the same menus with only StyleFolder property set to different styles.    
Download Slide Menu with all examples and styles
StyleFolder = "/slidemenu/styles/pro_2" StyleFolder = "/slidemenu/styles/pro_7" StyleFolder = "/slidemenu/styles/pro_8"

<osm:SlideMenu runat="server" id="tutStyles" StyleFolder = "/slidemenu/styles/pro_2" SelectedId = c13 > <menuitems> <osm:Parent id="p1">Parent 1</osm:Parent> <osm:Child id="c11">Child 1</osm:Child> <osm:Child id="c12">Child 2</osm:Child> <osm:Child id="c13">Child 3</osm:Child> <osm:Child id="c14">Child 4</osm:Child> <osm:Parent id="p2">Parent 2</osm:Parent> <osm:Child id="c21">Child 1</osm:Child> <osm:Child id="c22">Child 2</osm:Child> <osm:Child id="c23">Child 3</osm:Child> <osm:Child id="c24">Child 4</osm:Child> </menuitems> </osm:SlideMenu>