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Item Selection

Client Side API

Server Side API

Other Features


    Use different styles for menus on one page

    Create new style

    Change the style when mouse is over the first parent

    How to use multiple slide menu in a page properly?

    How to keep one & only one parent open always?

    How to set different style for one or more parent than the others set by the StyleFolder?

    Can I create more than 2 levels in SlideMenu?

Item Selection

    Define images for mouse over parent and children

    Set selected menu item

    Trigger a sub when a user has selected an item in the menu

    Automatically select the item the user has clicked on

    How to get SelectedId property of slide menu when used with splitter?

Client Side API

    Expand some parent menus only

    Put JavaScript to child

    How to hide a parent or child menu from client-side?

    How to set dynamic height for slide menu from client-side?

    How to set property MinimumChildrenHeight for slide menu from client-side?

    How to make make SlideMenu open onmouseover?

    How to make child item disable?

Server Side API

    Add another control to a menu child programmatically

    Use the menu with code behind

    How to add set OnClientClick event for SlideMenu item in code-behind?

Other Features

    Bind to SiteMapDataSource

    How to add a separator between parent items in SlideMenu?

    Add link to parent and open to frame

    Set URL target to different frame

    Make all the slide menus display in an expanded state

    Select 2 different menus on one page

    Adjusted the height dynamically

    Change the direction of the menu

    How to make SlideMenu start without waiting for all resource fully loaded