ASP.NET Show - Display Play/Pause Button


ASP.NET Show panels can contain html, js, css, flash movies, server controls and other pages.
Panels' transition mode is automatic. Check the two available modes: Show, Manual.
Disable the manual changer using the ManualChanger property.
Play/pause button is available when the manual changer is used with automatic show.
Customize the show's manual changer. Check these tutorials: Customization, Live Styles.
Customize the panels' transition type. Check these examples: Fading, Quick Scroll, etc.
Check also the lite version of this example: Show Images

Example Code

<obshow:Show id="Show1" runat="server" ShowType="Show" ManualChanger="true">
            ... Panel Content here ...    

Show1.AddPanel(new OboutInc.Show.Panel("panel content here", PanelType.InnerHtml))
Show1.AddPanel(new OboutInc.Show.Panel("selected panel content here", true, PanelType.InnerHtml))

Show1.AddPanel(new OboutInc.Show.Panel("SomePage.html", PanelType.Url));