ASP.NET Show - Images show from folder

You can specify the path to a folder with images.
All the images will be loaded as panels into the show. Supported images types are 'jpg', 'gif' and 'png'.

A tweak to the image directory functionality is to be able to provide a template for the images within the specified directory. For example, ^f.* pattern will allow to be visible only the images with the name starting with f.


Check also client side properties CurrentPanel and CurrentImagePath.

Example Code

<obshow:Show id="Show1" runat="server" ImagesShowPattern="^f.*" ImagesShowPath="images/members" />    

Show1.ImagesShowPath = "images/members"
Show1.ImagesShowPattern = "^f.*"

Show1.ImagesShowPath = "images/members";
Show1.ImagesShowPattern = "^f.*";