ASP.NET Scheduler - Event class

<%@ Register TagPrefix="osd" Namespace="OboutInc.Scheduler" Assembly="obout_Scheduler_NET" %>


Name Description
propertyID Gets the ID of an event  Optional

propertyUserID Gets the UserID of an event. 

propertySubject Gets or sets the subject of an event. 

event.Subject="Start working";
propertyStartTime Gets or sets the start time of an event. 

event.StartTime = new DateTime(2008,1,1);
propertyEndTime Gets or sets the end time of an event. 

event.EndTime = new DateTime(2008,1,15);
propertyPlace Gets or sets the place where event is taking place. 

event.Place = "At office";
propertyDescription Gets or sets the description of event. 

event.Description = "Very important meeting";
propertyCategoryID Gets or sets category id for event. 

Category categories = scheduler.getCategories();
event.CategoryID = categories[0].ID;
propertyRecurrenceRule Gets or sets rule for repeated events. 

Note: This repeat feature will be available soon in next release.

propertyRecurrenceParentID Gets the parent event of repeated series. 

Note: This repeat feature will be available soon in next release.



Name Description
methodClone() Return a event clone of original one. 

Event cloneEvent = theEvent.Clone();
methodSave() Update event change into database and return true value if update action is successful. 

methodDelete() Delete the event from database and return true value if delete action is successful.