ASP.NET Scheduler - ChangeLog

MAy 31 , 2011
  • Version
  • Scheduler has been improved to handle client side error.

April 4 , 2011
  • Version
  • Scheduler is enhanced to work with UserID as NVARCHAR datatype.
  • Scheduler is enhanced to facilitate event view/edit permission per user.
  • Scheduler is enhanced to support timezone settings.
  • Scheduler is enhanced to facilitate restriction of overlapping events.
  • Scheduler now only support SqlClient DataSource.

November 16 , 2010
  • Version
  • Issue fixed: Scheduler Events not being available in month view.
  • Issue fixed: Scheduler Events' duration is corrected.
  • Scheduler is enhanced to work with more accurate time interval.
  • Scheduler is enhanced for more consistent view change.
  • Styles of Scheduler are improved for Firefox.

November 19 , 2008
  • Version
  • Enhance Scheduler to work with Day-Time Saving.
  • Make Scheduler work better with msAjax
  • The create event input box now is able to work with special character.
  • Styles of Scheduler are improved.

April 30 , 2008
  • Version
  • Adding client-side and server-side events to handle Category create, update and delete action.
  • Enhance the behaviours of scheduler after event handles
  • Solve issue of back save button disable issue
  • Enhance the ajax engine to handle multiple requests to server at same time.
  • Create two new event box colors
  • Some other small issues were solved

April 15, 2008
  • Version
  • New algorithm to render events in month view, accurate and roughly 8 times faster than beta version.
  • New feature added: User able to create category and assign an event to a particular category.
  • Each category is able to apply unique theme colors
  • Settings section are added control panel of category where user can control create/update/delete category.
  • New server-side Cateogry class was also added to wrap database
  • Language option and Timezone option have been temporarily removed. All times are GMT.
  • New ability:User can click to the date in month view to go to day detail view.
  • New ability:User able to add Description for each event.
  • The issue that eventbox is break when event's subject is too long has been solved.
  • The issue that event makes weird behaviours when end time is 0:00am has been solved.
  • New server-side methods:addCategory(), getCategory()
  • New client-side methods:
    • getEvent(oid): to get any event with specific id
    • updateEvent(event): to update event to database from client-side
    • deleteEvent(oid): to delete any event from database
  • New colors for eventbox have been added to default style.

March 06 , 2008
  • Version beta