Obout SuperButton

Version 1.9.403.1

Universal component for easy life...

Obout SuperButton is a component that allows you to create full-functional buttons of predefined styles in your pages. In the most simple case you can set the next properties only: Text or/and ImageNormal (what is inside the button), SkinStyle (its appearance).

You should not worry about the button's behavior on different mouse events. This behavior depends on your SkinStyle choice.

Our buttons can be joined in groups. Only one button in the group can have active status (see examples): "activating" any button in the group causes "disactivating" others in the same group. This grouping doesn't depend on the buttons layout, it depends on the groupName property of these buttons. Our buttons can be regrouped dynamically.

Well known flicker problem (MSIE) resolved for complex buttons styles that use background-image (CSS) properties. All buttons are shown in the page when all styles with background-images are loaded already.