Cool features and styles
Load on Demand
Ability to load items using AJAX to boost the performance of the applications.
Multi Columns
The items of the ListBox can be arranged in a grid-like structure or on multiple rows and columns.
Items with Icons
Support for displaying icons for items.
Ability to customize the items, the header or the footer using templates.
Populating with Data
The ListBox can be populated from any type of data source.
Item Selection
Two selection models - single item selection and multi item selection.
Master / Detail
Data from related data sources can be displayed in a master / detail (multi level) structure, either in the same ListBox or separately in a cascading manner.
Seamless integration with all Obout MVC controls, other ASP.NET MVC controls and jQuery.
Rich server-side and client-side APIs.
The ListBox comes with many styles which can easily be customized to suit any needs.
Cross browser support
Looks and works the same in all modern browsers: IE8 / IE7 / IE6, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome.