Adding controls to project

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* How to add controls to your project

Each control comes with various styles, images, localization files. You need to copy these folders to your project to make the controls work correctly.

Control Copy folder To location
Obout.Ajax.UI controls
Configure paths
Configure paths
Combobox oboutSuite\ComboBox\styles Configure paths
Easy Menu oboutSuite\EasyMenu\styles Configure paths
HTML Editor
(Suite for ASP.NET 2.0)
oboutSuite\Editor\Editor_data Configure paths
Grid oboutSuite\Grid\styles
Configure paths
Interface oboutSuite\Interface\styles Configure paths
Listbox oboutSuite\ListBox\styles Configure paths
Show oboutSuite\Show\styles Configure paths
Slide Menu oboutSuite\SlideMenu\styles Configure paths
Splitter oboutSuite\Splitter\styles Configure paths
TreeView oboutSuite\ASPTreeView\tree2 Configure paths
Window oboutSuite\window\wdstyles Configure paths
Dialog oboutSuite\window\wdstyles Configure paths
Text Menu oboutSuite\TextMenu\styles Configure paths
AJAX Page (Embedded)          -
Flyout (Embedded)          -
Tree_DB (Embedded)          -

Note : The TreeView and Tree_DB controls cannot be added to the toolbox.

* How to add obout suite to Visual Studio

       See tutorial