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If problem is in your project and not in our examples, please make very very simple test project to demonstrate the problem. Send in zip format. If we cannot replicate problem, we cannot offer a solution.

Note: 99% of questions have answers in our super-duper Knowledge Base


If you need expert solutions to your software requirements, please contact
paid [dot] support [at] obout [dot] com

Prices start from $29.99 per incident.

As one of the public examples, we were hired by Microsoft and helped them with new controls and fixes.

Please provide as much details as possible, so we could reply with a rough estimate from the start.

"Thanks much. The trees seem to be working exactly as we want and we do appreciate the timely resolution. As our project moves further along the design process, we find ourselves utilizing Obout controls more and more and it's comforting to know that your support system is so responsive."

Kevin Holder
Tennessee Department of Human Services

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