Our free Standard Suite is recommended for small and medium projects.
For large scale projects we recommend our Ultimate Suite.

Compare Standard and Ultimate versions here.

Buy once and use forever.
No time limit. No expiration.

Developer License

Any number of servers, domains. Single developer.

Enterprise License

Any number of servers, domains. Any number of developers.


obout Ultimate Suite
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obout Ultimate Suite with source code
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Controls in Suite:  
Treeview Ultimate version
Grid Ultimate version
HTML Editor Ultimate version
Calendar Ultimate version
Combobox Ultimate version
Listbox Ultimate version
SuperForm Ultimate version
FileUploadProgress Ultimate version
Multilevel Combobox Ultimate version
Multilevel Listbox Ultimate version
SpellChecker Free
Poll Free
AJAX Autosuggest Free
State Selector Free
Text Menu Free
AJAX Page Free
Show Free
Flyout Free
Color Picker Free
Easy Menu Free
Context Menu Free
Tab Strip Free
Slide Menu Free
Slide Panel Free
Splitter Free
Tree_DB Free
Window Free
Image Zoom Free
Interface Controls - Button Free
Interface Controls - Dropdown List Free
Interface Controls - Radio Button Free
Interface Controls - Textbox Free
Interface Controls - Multiline Textbox Free
Interface Controls - Checkbox Free
Interface Controls - Image Button Free

If you are not sure which license is best for you, follow this link for detailed
explanation of each license.

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Invoices and receipts
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Refunds are given within 30 calendar days from the purchase date.
Please test the Standard Suite before purchasing. The Standard Suite is fully functional.

Download link
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You can contact sales with any questions: sales [at] JimByte [dot] com

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long will the license work?
License works indefinitely. No subscriptions, no extensions, no expirations.
Install and use forever.

Are there any annual fees?
No annual fees. No extra fees in the future.

Are there royalty fees?
No royalty fees. Pay once, use forever.

Where to download the latest version?
Download the latest versions here

Once I make the payment, whether I will receive full download license or a valid license key?
You can download full version dll. All you need to do is to replace trial version dll file in /bin folder with full version dll file. That is all. No license key is needed.