ASP.NET Grid Documentation — GridLocalizationSettings Class

Obout.Grid namespace
Obout.Grid.GridLocalizationSettings class
<%@ Register TagPrefix="obout" Namespace="Obout.Grid" Assembly="obout_Grid_NET" %>

Properties - Action Links

Name Description
propertyAddLink String. The text for the Add New link.
propertyEditLink String. The text for the Edit link.
propertyDeleteLink String. The text for the Delete link.
propertyUpdateLink String. The text for the Update link.
propertyCancelLink String. The text for the Cancel link.
propertySaveLink String. The text for the Save link.
propertySaveAllLink String. The text for the Save All link.
propertyCancelAllLink String. The text for the Cancel All link.
propertyRemoveLink String. The text for the Remove link.
propertyModifyLink String. The text for the Modify link.
propertyUndeleteLink String. The text for the Undelete link.

Properties - Messages

Name Description
propertyLoadingText String. The text for the Loading... message.
propertyNoRecordsText String. The text for the There are no records available. message.
propertyResizingTooltipWidth String. The text for the Width: text from the resizing tooltip.
propertyResizingTooltipPixels String. The text for the pixels text from the resizing tooltip.
propertyTypeValidationError String. The text for type validation error.
propertyMaxLengthValidationError String. The text for max length validation error.
propertyJSWarning String. The warning message that is displayed to the user if a client-side exception is raised.

Properties - Filter Links

Name Description
propertyFilter_ShowLink String. The text for the Show Filter link.
propertyFilter_HideLink String. The text for the Hide Filter link.
propertyFilter_ApplyLink String. The text for the Apply Filter link.
propertyFilter_RemoveLink String. The text for the Remove Filter link.

Properties - Filter Criterias

Name Description
propertyFilterCriteria_NoFilter String. The text for the No Filter filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_Contains String. The text for the Contains filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_DoesNotContain String. The text for the Does Not Contain filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_StartsWith String. The text for the Starts With filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_EndsWith String. The text for the Ends With filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_EqualTo String. The text for the Equal To filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_NotEqualTo String. The text for the Not Equal To filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_SmallerThan String. The text for the Smaller Than filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_GreaterThan String. The text for the Greater Than filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_SmallerThanOrEqualTo String. The text for the Smaller Than Or Equal To filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_GreaterThanOrEqualTo String. The text for the Greater Than Or Equal To filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_IsNull String. The text for the Is Null filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_IsNotNull String. The text for the Is Not Null filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_IsEmpty String. The text for the Is Empty filter criteria.
propertyFilterCriteria_IsNotEmpty String. The text for the Is Not Empty filter criteria.

Properties - Paging

Name Description
propertyPaging_PageSizeText String. The Records per page: text.
propertyPaging_RecordsText String. The Records: text.
propertyPaging_ToText String. The - text (as in: 1 - 10).
propertyPaging_OfText String. The of text (as in: 1 - 10 of 100).
propertyPaging_PagesText String. The Pages: text.
propertyPaging_TotalNumberOfPages String. The text for the total number of pages counter (as in: out of 15).
propertyPaging_ManualPagingLink String. The text for the manual paging link.
propertyPaging_PageSizeOptions_All String. The text for the All option of the page size selector.

Properties - Grouping

Name Description
propertyGrouping_GroupingAreaText String. The text for the grouping area.
propertyGrouping_GroupInformationCount String. The text for group information.
propertyGrouping_GroupInformationCountSingle String. The text for group information, when the group contains a single record.
propertyGrouping_GroupInformationNextPage String. The text for group information about the records on the next page.
propertyGrouping_GroupInformationPreviousPage String. The text for group information about the records on the previous page.
propertyGrouping_GroupInformationPreviousNextPage String. The text for group information about the records on the previous and next page. Home
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Load On Demand (OnCallback)
Load On PostBack
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Add / edit / delete at runtime
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Excel Style New
Using Super Form inside Window New
Handling Errors New
Self-Reference Display - 1
TreeView Hierarchy New
Settings - 3
Show Empty Details - OnLoad
Show Empty Details - OnCallback New
Detail Grid State
Miscellaneous - 4
Multiple Details on the Same Level
Unlimited Number of Levels
Multiple Foreign Keys
Display Info in Flyout New
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Templates for Action Buttons
Detail Grid inside Row Template
Inline Templates inside Detail Grid
Row Template inside Detail Grid New
Customizations - 12
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Client-Side Manipulation
Get Selected Records
Expand/Collapse on Select
Expand/Collapse using Hyperlinks New
Different Styles New
Select on Expand / Collapse
Expand a single detail grid
Keep Expanded Details New
Separated Master/Detail Grids
Expand / Collapse on client side
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Column Sets New
Column Sets on Multiple Levels New
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With AJAX AlwaysVisible
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Populate Edit Fields
View Row Details
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Cascading ComboBoxes in Row Template
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Save Column Widths
Keep Current Page
Keep Current Sort Order
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Refresh the Records
Clear the records
Generate IDs
Client-Side Model
Find and Replace
Using ASP.NET Themes/Skins
Multi columns validation
Validate unknown columns
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