ASP.NET File Upload Progress - Custom time format

This example demonstrates TimeFormat property use. This property is used for formatting of elapsed and estimated times while control rendering on refresh. By default it has value "%HOURS%:%MINUTES%:%SECONDS%s".
Here we don't want to show hours and set "%MINUTES%m %SECONDS%s" as time format.

Example code

<%@ Register TagPrefix="fup" Namespace="OboutInc.FileUpload" Assembly="obout_FileUpload" %>
<input type=file name="myFile1"><br/>
<input type=file name="myFile2"><br/>
<input type=file name="myFile3"><br/>
<input type=submit value="submit" name="mySubmit"><br/>

     OnClientProgressStopped="function(){alert('Files uploaded to server');}"
     TimeFormat="%MINUTES%m %SECONDS%s"