ASP.NET File Upload Progress - OnClientFileCleared function

If OnClientFileCleared server-side property is set to some client-side function, this function is called with one parameter.
This parameter is a string with file names cleared from form's inputs because of their not allowed extensions.
File names are delimited with "\n" character.


<%@ Register TagPrefix="fup" Namespace="OboutInc.FileUpload" Assembly="obout_FileUpload"%>
<script type="text/JavaScript">
function ClearedFiles(fileNames){
  alert("Cleared files with bad extensions:\n\n"+fileNames);
  <fup:FileUploadProgress OnClientFileCleared="ClearedFiles" runat="server">
  <fup:Format Ext="gif" MaxByteSize="10240"/>
  <fup:Format Ext="jpg" MaxByteSize="10240"/>
  <fup:Format Ext="jpeg" MaxByteSize="10240"/>
  <fup:Format Ext="png" MaxByteSize="10240"/>

See also working example Allowed file extensions and sizes.