ASP.NET File Upload Progress - Custom localization file

By default File Upload Progress control uses the following XML localization file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<localization xmlns="obout:fileuploadprogress:localization-schema">
 <field name="uploaded" value="Uploaded" />
 <field name="rejected" value="rejected" />
 <field name="session-lost" value="Session lost" />
 <field name="total" value="Total" />
 <field name="files" value="files" />
 <field name="file" value="file" />
 <field name="from" value="from" />
 <field name="uploading-file" value="Uploading file" />
 <field name="last-uploaded-file" value="Last uploaded file" />
 <field name="elapsed-time" value="Elapsed time" />
 <field name="estimated-time" value="Estimated time" />
 <field name="speed" value="speed" />

Using this template you can create localization file for your native language.
Here is content of fr.xml file used in Localization working example.

<?xmlversion="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<localization xmlns="obout:fileuploadprogress:localization-schema">
 <field name="uploaded" value="Envoyés" />
 <field name="rejected" value="rejeté" />
 <field name="session-lost" value="Session perdue" />
 <field name="total" value="Total" />
 <field name="files" value="fichiers" />
 <field name="file" value="fichier" />
 <field name="from" value="de" />
 <field name="uploading-file" value="Fichier envoyant" />
 <field name="last-uploaded-file" value="Dernier fichier desenvoyés" />
 <field name="elapsed-time" value="Temps passé" />
 <field name="estimated-time" value="Temps qui reste" />
 <field name="speed" value="Vitesse" />