ASP.NET HTML Editor - Custom Popup Window support

User can create his own "HTML Editor style" popup windows. You should use client-side HTML Editor object's method customPopup:

editorObject.customPopup(cssStyle, popupName, innerSRC, postbackFunc, initFunc, defaultFolder, isEdit);


Name Description
Name of CSS class used for this popup, it should be defined in style.css file in /Editor/ed_styles folder.


                        width: 300px;

Parameter should be set "popup_fieldset".
popupName Name of popup window, it should be defined in localization files (en.xml, es.xml ...) in /Editor/ed_localization folder.

Example for en.xml file:

  <popup name="fieldset" create-title="Insert Fieldset" edit-title="Edit Fieldset">
              <field name="width"    value="Width" />
              <field name="height"   value="Height" />
              <field name="padding" value="Padding" />
              <field name="margin"   value="Margin" />
              <field name="ok"         value="OK" />
              <field name="cancel"   value="Cancel" />

Parameter should be set "fieldset".
innerSRC Name of .HTML or .ASPX file that will be used for inner iframe of this popup.

Example: "__fieldset.aspx"
postbackFunc Name of JavaScript function called when Cancel or OK button of this popup was clicked. It is used for validation and executing some actions.

This function has two parameters:
  • doc - document element of popup's inner iframe.
  • popup_iframe - main iframe element of popup.
When OK clicked, if the function returns true - popup will be closed, otherwise popup will not be closed.


var element = ...// created/editing element
var editor    = ...// Editor's client-side object

function postback(doc, popup_iframe) //on OK and Cancel buttons click
  if(doc != null) // OK clicked
    // get fields values from popup
    var width   = doc.getElementById("widthField"  ).value;
    // check input fields and highlight them on error
    if((isNaN(width) && width.length > 0) || width   < 0)
      alert("Not correct Width");
      return false; // don't close popup
    // update properties of the element   = (!isNaN(width) && width.length > 0)?(width+"px"):"";
  else // Cancel Clicked
    // restore saved Editor's content (after success InsertHtml)
  return true; // close popup
initFunc Name of JavaScript function called when popup's inner iframe is loaded (with innerSRC). It is used for popup's inner content initialization.

This function has two parameters:
  • doc - document element of popup's inner iframe.
  • popup_iframe - main iframe element of popup.

var element = ...// created/editing element
var editor    = ...// Editor's client-side object

function init(doc,popup_iframe)  // on Popup window content init
  if(doc != null)
    // init popup's fields
   doc.getElementById("widthField").value =

defaultFolder Default scripts folder indicator:
  • true - default scripts folder (/Editor/ed_scripts) is used for innerSRC.
  • false - root folder is used for innerSRC.
isEdit Popup title indicator:
  • true - edit-title field of popup xml element is used for popup's title.
  • falsecreate-title field of popup xml element is used for popup's title.
Look at popupName use example above.
See Custom_popup.aspx and Custom_ImageUpload_popup.aspx examples in downloaded zip file. Home
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