ASP.NET HTML Editor - Custom toolbar

<%@ Register TagPrefix="ed" Namespace="OboutInc.Editor" Assembly="obout_Editor" %>

Inside the HTML Editor component you can define the HTML Editor's top toolbar schema using inner Buttons collection. In this collection you can list the buttons, separators and so on, that will fill the HTML Editor's top toolbar. If HTML Editor's Appearance property is full or lite, this collection will be added to the default collection. If HTML Editor's Appearance property is custom and the Buttons collection is not defined, the top toolbar will be empty.

The Buttons collection may contain the following HTML Editor's objects (inherited from abstract OboutInc.Editor.Button).

HTML Editor's objects for Buttons collection

Name Description
propertyOboutInc.Editor.Method This object has a single public property Name. The property defines what a button you want to insert into the toolbar. All possible values of the property are defined in OboutInc.Editor.Method.Names enumeration:

ForeColor  Sets foreground color
ForeColorClear  Clears foreground color
BackColor  Sets background color
BackColorClear  Clears background color
ClearStyles  Clears all styles in selected area
Undo  Undoes last document changing
Redo  Redoes last changing
CreateLink  Creates link instead selected text area
InsertTable  Inserts a table in current cursor position
InsertHR  Inserts horizontal rule
InsertIMG  Inserts Image
 InsertIcon  Inserts Icon
 InsertSpec  Inserts special character
Cut  Cuts selected area
Copy  Copies selected area
Paste  Pastes as HTML text
PasteText  Pastes as Plain text
PasteWord  Pastes from MS Word (with cleanup)
JustifyLeft  Align left
JustifyCenter  Align center
JustifyRight  Align right
JustifyFull  Justify
 RemoveAlignment  Remove alignment and paragraphs
OrderedList  Creates an ordered list on selected text
BulletedList  Creates a bulleted list on selected text
DecreaseIndent  Decreases indent
IncreaseIndent  Increases indent
GetFormat  Copies the format in caret positon
 ApplyFormat  Applies earlier copied format
 InsertAnchor  Inserts Anchor
 InsertPlaceHolder  Inserts PlaceHolder
 Selects All
 Selects None
 Prints Editor's content
 Run Spell checker
 Increase the editing panel
 Decrease the editing panel
 Preview document appearance
 Insert Form
 Insert/edit CheckBox
 Insert/edit Radio button
 Insert/edit TextBox
 Insert/edit Password field
 Insert/edit Hidden field
 Insert/edit Button
 Insert/edit Submit button
 Insert/edit Reset button
 Insert DIV
 ContextMenu  Get context menu for current position
 InsertFlash  Insert Flash
 InsertMedia  Insert Media
 ToUpperCase  Convert selected text to upper case
 ToLowerCase  Convert selected text to lower case
 MakeNotEditable  Mark selection as not editable
 Paragraph  Make paragraph

C# code sample.

OboutInc.Editor.Method but;

but = new OboutInc.Editor.Method();
but.Name = OboutInc.Editor.Method.Names.InsertIcon;
editor.Buttons.Add(but);  // add a new button
propertyOboutInc.Editor.Toggle This object has a single public property Name. The property defines what a button you want to insert into the toolbar. All possible values of the property are defined in OboutInc.Editor.Toggle.Names enumeration:

Bold  Toggles bold style
Italic  Toggles italic style
Underline  Toggles underline style
StrikeThrough  Toggles strikeThrough style
SubScript  Toggles subScript style
SuperScript  Toggles subScript style
 Sets/Toggles direction left to right
 Sets/Toggles direction right to left
 Toggles Anchors indication
 PlaceHoldersOn  Toggles PlaceHolders indication

C# code sample.

OboutInc.Editor.Toggle but;

but = new OboutInc.Editor.Toggle();
but.Name = OboutInc.Editor.Toggle.Names.Bold;
editor.Buttons.Add(but);  // add a new button
propertyOboutInc.Editor.Select This object has a single public property Name. The property defines what a select you want to insert into the toolbar. All possible values of the property are defined in OboutInc.Editor.Select.Names enumeration:

 FontName  Selects(indicates) font name 
 FontSize  Selects(indicates) font size

C# code sample.

OboutInc.Editor.Select select;

select = new OboutInc.Editor.Select();
select.Name = OboutInc.Editor.Select.Names.FontName;
editor.Buttons.Add(select);  // add a new button
propertyOboutInc.Editor.HorizontalSeparator This object has no available public properties. It is used for horizontal separator inserting into the toolbar.

C# code sample.

OboutInc.Editor.HorizontalSeparator spec;

spec = new OboutInc.Editor.HorizontalSeparator();
editor.Buttons.Add(spec);  // horiz. separator inserted
propertyOboutInc.Editor.VerticalSeparator This object has no available public properties. It is used for vertical separator inserting into the toolbar.

C# code sample.

OboutInc.Editor.VerticalSeparator spec;

spec = new OboutInc.Editor.VerticalSeparator();
editor.Buttons.Add(spec);  // vert. separator inserted
propertyOboutInc.Editor.TextIndicator This object has no available public properties. It is used for "Current position indicator" inserting into the toolbar. Indeed, it is a small box containing text "Aa" represented in text style of the current cursor position.

C# code sample.

OboutInc.Editor.TextIndicator spec;

spec = new OboutInc.Editor.TextIndicator();
editor.Buttons.Add(spec);  // text indicator inserted
propertyOboutInc.Editor.Custom This object has the following public properties.
  • OnClientClick - String. Name of JavaScript function called on the button pressed
  • ImageName - String. Name of main image of the button
  • ToolTip - String. Tooltip of the button
C# code sample.

OboutInc.Editor.Custom button;

button = new OboutInc.Editor.Custom();
button.OnClientClick = "insertDate";
button.ImageName = "ed_date_n.gif";
button.ToolTip = "Insert current date";
editor.Buttons.Add(button);  // button inserted

See also Custom Buttons.
propertyOboutInc.Editor.CustomSelect New This object has the following public properties.
  • Handler - String. Name of JavaScript function called on select value changed and toolbar updating
  • Title - String. Title before select field
  • SelectStyle - String. CSS for select field
  • TitleStyle - String. CSS for title
  • Options - OboutInc.Editor.Option collection. Options for select field
OboutInc.Editor.Option class has the foolowing properties:
  • Value - String. Value of select option
  • Text - String. Text of select option
JavaScript function that is set in Handler property should have the following prototype:

function myHandler(editor, command, selectObject){...}

editor - client-side Editor's object
command - "change" when called on select value changed, "state" when called on toolbar updating
selectObject - HTMLSelect object

C# code sample.

OboutInc.Editor.CustomSelect button = new OboutInc.Editor.CustomSelect();
button.Handler = "myHandler";
button.Title = "My Select";
button.TitleStyle = "color:#0033CC;";
button.Options.Add(new OboutInc.Editor.Option("0","action 1"));
button.Options.Add(new OboutInc.Editor.Option("1","action 2"));
editor.Buttons.Add(button);  // button inserted

See Custom select button.
See also cs_custom_select_button.aspx and vb_custom_select_button.aspx files in downloaded Suite.
Sample ASP.NET

    <ed:Editor id="editor" runat="server" Appearance="custom" >
      <ed:Method Name="Undo" />
      <ed:Method Name="Redo" />
      <ed:HorizontalSeparator />
      <ed:Method Name="ClearStyles" /> 

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