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Obout.SuperForm namespace
Obout.SuperForm.FieldSet class
<%@ Register TagPrefix="obout" Namespace="Obout.SuperForm" Assembly="obout_SuperForm" %>
Name Description
property ColumnSpan Int. Gets or sets the number of field sets in the field set row that the current field set will span.
property CssClass String. Gets or sets a value specifying the CSS class to render on the client for the field set.
property Direction Direction. Gets or sets the direction type that will be used to render the fields in the field set.
property HorizontalAlign HorizontalAlign. Gets or sets the alignment for the fields in the field set.
property ID Int. Gets or sets a value indicating the unique identifier of the field set
property Title String. Gets or sets a value indicating the title of the field set.
property Title String. Gets or sets a value indicating the title of the field set. Home 
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